The Flying Pancake Médoc, Southwest France

Chambres d'Hotes en Saint Christoly de Médoc


When you are in the Medoc, profit form the opportunity to visits some of the numerous chateaus. They are open for visitors to taste wine and buy form the châteaux directly. Sometimes the owners will offer you to show you their cellars and explain about the way they produce the wine. 

Clos de Grange Vielle

3 Rue Eglise, St Christoly de Médoc, +33 5 56 41 38 26

This is the chateau of the neighbors of The Flying Pancake Médoc. A lovely couple, who work totally biological with great knowledge and passion for wine making.

Clos Manou

7, rue du 19 mars 1962, St Christoly de Médoc, +33 5 56 41 54 20

The chateau is only small, but exceptional in taste. Everything during the wine making is still done manually. This is wine for special occasions!


43 route de Courbian, Bégadan, +33 5 56 41 52 34

The family came from the Elzas region, and started a chateau in the North part of the Medoc. Their wine is of a perfect price/quality ratio. 

La Tour de By

5, route de la Tour de By, Bégadan, +33 5 56 41 50 03

A chateau with a big name in the region, on a beautiful location. The family is originally from Belgium. This wine is being served in the first class of Air France!


30 route du Port de Goulée, Valeyrac, +33 5 56 41 52 99

A tasting here is always a pleasure, due to the enthusiasm of the young and knowledgeable lady who runs the chateau, and also due to the great wine they make.